Back and Neck Pain

Back Massage
Back Massage

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for people to visit an Osteopath.

It can be acute, of sudden onset, often presenting with muscle spasm, extremely restricted movement and pain; this type of back pain will often be severe and relatively short lived.

Chronic back pain is often a result of repetitive actions; prolonged sitting at a desk being one of the most common causes. Chronic back pain often presents as constant low-level aching of varying severity. Patients often have low level restrictions in their movement.

The treatment for both acute and chronic back pain is to relax the muscles through deep tissue massage, relieving pain and improving posture. The mobility of the joints can be improved through manipulation or mobilisations.

The final most common cause for lower back pain is a disc bulge, this can cause nerve irritation such as sciatica. Disc bulges can take weeks or even months to fully recover and occasionally require surgical removal.

Neck Pain

Neck pain often presents as restricted movement of the head and neck, with muscle aching/pain sometimes radiating across the shoulders and upper arms or into the upper back. Neck pain can also cause cervicogenic or tension headaches as a result of tight muscles and restricted joints in the neck.


Causes can range from the classic ‘cricked neck’ from sleeping in an awkward position, to poor posture when sitting at a desk or looking at screens for too long. Stress and tension can also play a big part in neck and upper back tension/pain.


Treatment for neck and upper back pain is very similar to lower back treatment. We aim to relax the muscles and improve the mobility of any restricted joints through deep tissue massage, manipulation or mobilisations of the joints.

Neck and Shoulder Massage

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