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Hip Pain

Hip pain can often be mistaken for lower back pain, true hip pain usually presents with discomfort/pain in the groin, gluteal muscles (buttocks) and sometimes the upper thigh. Hip pain often causes reduced movement in the hip especially on bringing the knee up towards your chin or sitting cross legged. Pain is usually worse after exercise such as walking or going up/downstairs.

Hip mobility can be improved through deep tissue massage of the structures around the hip but also maintaining good mobility of the lower back.

There are several causes for hip pain, osteoarthritis is one of the more common causes in older patients. Manual therapy can not directly treat Osteoarthritis, but we can offer advice on its management by giving exercises and keeping surrounding structures around the hip as mobile and strong as possible.      

Knee Pain

The knee is the largest, most complex and least stable joint in the body. Knee pain is often a referred pain, secondary to other imbalances, usually in the hip/lower back or foot/ankle. Therefore, a careful assessment of the knee is very important to ascertain the true cause of knee pain.

If the pain is very localised to a specific point in the knee along with any ‘clicking, locking or giving way’ of the knee this often indicates that the cause of the pain is the knee itself. The above symptoms often indicate some meniscus/cartilage or ligament damage. Osteopaths can’t treat these issues, but we can test for them and offer exercises and rehab.


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